About Us

Blessed Bodywear is a family business owned and operated by Ana Tigre and her husband.  

Ana was born in Brazil then came to America to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer.  After graduating with honors in 1997 earning a degree in fashion design from the prestigious FIDM, Los Angeles  she immediately started working in the fashion industry.  Years later she became interested in fitness and frustrated with the selection of women's fitness wear available she decided to marry her passion for fashion with her passion for fitness and began designing fitness wear.  After 3 years in a very successful fitness wear company with a family member, she ventured out on her own launching Beleza Brazil in 2010. 

Blessed Bodywear is sold almost exclusively online and enjoys a loyal clientele from the USA, Canada, and  over 15 other countries around the world.  Ana loves designing fitness wear that makes women feel beautiful, confident, and motivates them to stay fit and work toward their goals in life.  

Ana's vision for Blessed Bodywear involves so much more than just fitness wear.  You can see that in everything she does, just like our Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter accounts and you will see for yourself.  For Ana it's about encouraging people, empowering women, and creating an environment of acceptance no matter where you are along your fitness path.  It's also why Ana has structured the company so that she can and will be able to offer personal service to her valued clients no matter how busy we get.  When you call, text or write you are contacting Ana personally so she can ensure you get the best possible customer service experience.  She wants to hear your feedback, positive or constructive, so she can be a better designer and run a business that is better at suiting your needs.

Ana is a WBFF Professional Physique competitor, an accomplished fitness, glamour and fashion model, makeup artist, a certified personal trainer, writer, and co-host of Bella Fit Magazine's Talk Radio podcast.  She is immersed daily in the fitness culture and lives the fitness lifestyle yet she is open and frank about her struggles and challenges along the way and shares the lessons life has taught her on her Facebook page.  

"I started Blessed Bodywear to provide top quality fitness wear that was fashionable, durable, and well made.  Making sure my clients get the best value possible is very important to me, but I wanted Blessed Bodywear to go even further.  I also wanted to create a community, a network of women that happily share and support each other through the triumphs, challenges and truths that we all experience each day.  If you follow our Facebook page or even my personal page you will get a sense of what we have accomplished.  We are making plans every month to do more as we grow.  I want us to be known for making amazing fitness wear that no one wants to take off and a community of women that is supportive and encouraging, motivating and even educational so that women are always encouraged to reach their dreams and goals."  ~ Ana Tigre ~
Thank you for choosing Blessed Bodywear.
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