Why I Designed The New Blaze Squatpants

September 09, 2018

Why I Designed The New Blaze Squatpants

Since designing and eventually selling my first pair of tights over ten years ago, my love for creating fitness wear for women has only gotten stronger. I designed our Original Squatpants over four years ago and they made thousands of women feel beautiful since then but it was time to evolve and create something fresh and new.

Our very popular Vixen Squatpants were designed to look and feel like a second skin. I designed them with the least amount of seams possible and created the Vixen waistband to accentuate the sensuous lines of a woman's body.

The Blaze Squatpants were also designed to accentuate the lines of a woman's body but I used the placement of seams this time to emphasize a woman's curves and body shape. The look is sensuous and powerful.

We launched the low-waist crop leg version of the Blaze pant first for the women that preferred their Original Squatpants. As I write this blog the hi-waist crop leg version of the Blaze Squatpants is in production at our new Blessed Shop in Las Vegas and will be ready to ship this week. We will launch them in black first then Ocean, Orchid and Violet the week after.

I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I did designing and sewing them for you. And yes, Brenda and I do all of the sewing for now.

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