The New Blessed Podcast Is For Woman And About Women

October 16, 2018 1 Comment

The New Blessed Podcast Is For Woman And About Women

My passion is helping women. It's the reason I started designing fitness wear in the first place. I wanted to make something that didn't just cover up a woman's body but rather, I wanted to design beautiful feeling and looking fitness wear for women that didn't have perfect bodies. The Squatpants we make now look great on almost any body. They lift and hold and also hide some of the realities of being a woman, just in case you need it. I wanted to do more though so I decided I wanted to start a podcast for women where we can get very honest about the issues women deal with and I will have guests that have something valuable to add to those topics. We posted our first episode today. I hope you enjoy it.

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Lorrie Harrison
Lorrie Harrison

November 11, 2018

Hey Ana & Elaine
I just listened to your first show.
I must admit it took me a couple of attempts to listen to it. I thought you and Elaine were only going to discuss fitness and how to keep fit.
My second attempt went much better, as I listened to the very end of the show. Your discussion regarding a person’s exceptance of their body image held my attention.
As you know that I’m am a Registered Nurse who has worked in many clinical areas for 40 plus years. Mental Health being one of them.
One of my concerns was if your discussions would address how one copes.
Yes your discussion did address that concern and even more. You and Elaine mentioned your own struggles and personal beliefs regarding body image and self exceptance of ones self.
Myself being a short extra large sized person I often wondered, why does a fitness instructor have to fret about how they look and their eating habits?
I’ve councilled many patients with eating disorders, poor self esteem and self image. Then I remembered something another nurse told me. “Because I’m a large sized person an anorexic would wonder the same thing about me”.
Ok ladies now you have my attention!
Ana you mentioned some ideas regarding future shows regarding these delicate issues, which I plan on listening to.
I want to close off my email with a quote from a Billie Crystal movie, “ who am I or who I am”, well which is it?
All the best to you and Terry regarding your new ventures. Luv Lorrie & Boyd Harrison

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