Sisters - A-Line Top and Hi-Top Squat Pants

December 26, 2016

Sisters - A-Line Top and Hi-Top Squat Pants

Alexi Irvine and her sister Jo are professional dancers that perform in two of the prime shows on the Las Vegas strip.  They are also athletes and women with regular every-day lives outside of work.  Alexi started modeling for Blessed Bodywear two years ago and fell in love with the squat pants.  When Ana released a limited production run of the new Hi-Top Squat pants, Alexi fell in love with them and the idea to shoot her and her sister in  the pants and the very graceful A-line top came to fruition.

You can see a behind the scenes Vlog about the shoot that day and see how the sisters, are eternally sisters.  It's very cute and entertaining listening to their conversation about dating as the older sister admonishes the younger for her very high standards.

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