Realizing My Dream Of Making Blessed Bodywear Affordable For More Women

January 23, 2019

Realizing My Dream Of Making Blessed Bodywear Affordable For More Women

When I started designing fitness wear in 2007 my goal was to make high-quality garments from the best fabrics available. After an exhaustive search, I found a supplier that would work with me to provide the softest fabric possible that would also endure months and years of washing and demanding workouts and still look and fit great. We also needed a fabric that would give exceptional support without it feeling restrictive or flattening out a woman's curves. We now make all of our Squatpants and Squatshorts with that same Softmax fabric.

The market is flooded with low-priced and low-quality leggings that look good in a picture but rarely fit well or last long. My goal has always been to make high-quality fitness wear that fit exceptionally well, felt great on a woman's body, were durable, and would make my clients feel beautiful and sexy. Our Softmax material is not only the highest quality and most comfortable and durable fabric we can find, and the grade of material we use is also higher than the industry standard. The material and manufacturing process required to make a high-quality garment like our oSquatpants is far more costly, so of course, the price is higher. Because we are one of the only companies that manufactures leggings with this fabric less of it is manufactured, so the price is higher again.

We wanted to make our clothing more affordable but we were not willing to compromise on quality so, in July 2018, my husband and I took a leap of faith and opened our production facility and warehouse in Las Vegas. We felt that we could have more control over quality and reduce our production costs as opposed to having contractors in Los Angeles doing our manufacturing. Once we had all the equipment installed and the facility was operational, we had some initial challenges to overcome. By fall we were fully operational and able to maintain an aggressive schedule of releasing something new almost every week for our customers.

We approached our fabric suppliers recently and thanks to the loyalty and support of our customers in 26 countries, the amount of fabric we buy has increased substantially, and we were able to negotiate a significant discount on the price we pay for fabric.

It has been my dream since I started designing fitness wear to make high-quality clothing that was affordable for as many women as possible. The money has never been my motivation for being in business, so rather than pocketing the savings, I am reducing the regular price of every item we sell so that Blessed Bodywear can be affordable for more women.

I am only able to make this dream come true because of you, our loyal and supportive customers so thank you for your love and support.  God Bless.

Ana Tigre
Blessed Bodywear


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